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**Please note that Foundations of Faith is meant to be covered in order from the top to the bottom.**


To help children understand that faith is a God-given gift that grants the ability to look beyond the temporary physical realm to see the eternal treasures of God’s Kingdom. True faith hears, believes, and responds because it is completely assured that God is true to His word and that He is faithful to His promises. 

To teach children the concept of redemption. The Apostle Paul uses the word redemption as a metaphor to describe the transition from sin to righteousness, from bondage to freedom, and from death to life. 


The goal is to help children understand the concept of justification through Jesus Christ. God’s justice (all that is right) demands that injustice (all that is wrong) be punished. Justification is how a guilty person is declared “not guilty” and how sin is replaced with righteousness. 


To help children understand what it means to be bought out of slavery and secured as God’s children through adoption; to show the beauty of this eternal plan, how Jesus died on the cross to pay the required price for redemption so we could be free to become His very own sons and daughters.

 To show children the entrance to the small gate—the narrow path that leads to the Kingdom of heaven, a life eternal. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There is absolutely no other way to heaven except through Him.