How We Came to Calvary Chapel West Valley


How we came to Calvary Chapel West Valley is the most bittersweet experience of our lives, so far.

We met Pastor Manuel and Maria Osuna in December of 1999.  He reached out to us during a time of much needed healing and we quickly became close friends.  He and Maria were always there for us and our friendship was truly a blessing from the Lord!

In November of 2012, Pastor Manuel called me and asked me to come meet with him.  He said that he and his Board had been praying and talking and decided to ask me to come and be his Assistant and then when the time came for him to go Home, they wanted me to take over the Senior Pastorate.  With tears in my eyes, I accepted.

DSCF4125Instantly in mine and my wife’s hearts, we knew that this is what the Lord had been preparing us for in the previous six months.  The church in Safford had dwindled down to three people and we had started to seek the Lord for what/where He wanted us to serve Him next.

We started traveling here every weekend in December of 2012 and our dear friend went Home to Jesus on Dec. 27, 2012.  We miss him a lot.  Our family moved here to the West Valley in April.  We are truly blessed to be here serving this precious, loving and sincere fellowship of people. 


Pastor Andy & Delfina Dominguez
Calvary Chapel West Valley was founded in 1989 by Pastor Manuel Osuna. Our history begins as the Lord led Pastor Manuel, his wife Maria and his two children Andy and Janelle to Flagstaff, Arizona from West Covina, California where he served on staff at Calvary Chapel, to start a Calvary in Flagstaff. In 1986, by the Lord’s leading, he and his family moved to the Phoenix Valley where he assisted Pastor Bob Claycamp in pastoring Calvary Chapel North Phoenix. Then in 1989 while on a mission trip to Australia, the Lord called Pastor Manuel and his family to start Calvary Chapel West Valley.
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